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Guardrails, Post & Cable, and Traffic Sign
supply & installation throughout Alberta.

1. about us

Whether you are a highway contractor, company, city, or developer one thing is certain.

Softstop Highway Guardrail - DH Highway Services - Alberta

Wherever you build roads, you will want people to stay on those roads.

We offer a wide variety of traffic control and barrier products including; w-beam guardrail, high tension cable barrier (HTCB), traffic delineators, road sign supply, and installation.

DH Highway Services operates out of Coaldale, AB. With over 20 years of experience, we have built a strong reputation based on dependability, craftsmanship, and our high quality of standards.

2. products

DH Highway Services works with installation of Guardrails, Post & Cable, and Traffic Sign supply & installation.

NCHRP 350 TL-3 Highway Cable - Available from DH Highway Services
Gibraltar is a leading provider of high tension cable barriers designed to contain and redirect errant vehicles from road hazards.
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Trinity Highway Products
Trinity CASS cable systems Available from DH Highway Services
Cable Safety System (CASS) helps end-users address the issue of median crossover accidents on highway systems.
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Trinity Highway Products
Guardrail System Available from DH Highway Services
Trinity is unique in its ability to supply a full line of highway safety products and provide you with the same consistently.
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Trinity Highway Products
Softstop Highway Guardrail - DH Highway Services - Alberta
The SoftStop® System is a tangent, single-sided, energy absorbing, redirective and gating end terminal.
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Breakaway Signs
DH Highway Services
Break Away Sign Post Available from DH Highway Services
Breakaway road signs are designed in such a way to break upon collision and reduce vehicular damage and to save lives.
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4. testimonials

I can rest easy knowing DH Highway Services will provide me with great install services.

They operate a well-maintained fleet of specialized equipment. They work professionally and complete their work on time. Working with them has been a great experience.

Eric Aleman
deGraaf Excavating Ltd.

1205 18th Ave Coaldale, AB